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Sarajevo Old Photos













Sarajevo had it as a first city in the whole Europe. 

Opened on New Years Day in 1885, Sarajevo tramway was the testing line for the tram in Vienna and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and operated by horses. Originally built to 760mm narrow gauge (Bosnian gauge), the present system in 1960 was upgraded to standard gauge (1435 mm). The trams played a pivotal role in the growth of the city in the 20th century.



Sarajevo City Hall



Sarajevo 1906.



Franz Ferdinand and Sofia at Vrelo Bosne.










Sarajevo – April 1941

Sarajevo 1941-1942


These are the photos that I’ve had in my computer file and none of them is mine.

History of this wonderful city is amazing and belongs to all of us.

I’ve really wanted to share these with you all.



Sarajevo National Theatre


Narodno pozoriste Srajevo – Sarajevo National Theatre

File:Sarajevo National Theatre.JPG

Sarajevo National Theatre

The Sarajevo National Theatre was founded in November 1921, and the act of opening was performed by Branislav Nušiæ, then Head of the Art Department of the Ministry of Education. For consecutive nights, music and drama programs were performed and this marked the official beginning of the operation of this house.
On November 9, 1946 Sarajevo opera House commenced its artistic activity by the premiere of “The Bartered Bride” by B. Smetana. This signified a tremendous progress in the development of music culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo Ballet was also founded in 1946, but its first independent performance “The Harvest” by B. Papandopulo was held on May 25, 1950, which concurrently marked the beginning of its professional development within the national Theater. With more than 1600 dramas, operas and ballet artists, and other professionals associated with theater, until 1996 (on 75th anniversary of the National Theater) 1040 dramas and 264operas and ballets were performed.


“I love this country more than you can imagine, it is fantastic. I love the people here, I made some wonderful friends and it is honor to be in Sarajevo and BiH“ Angelina Jolie declared as she received The Heart of Sarajevo prize at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) was established in 1995 as a project of Obala Art Center.

The SFF has become the most honoured festival in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina and off course Balkan and  Europe. Unlike the untouchable glitter of Cannes or Venice, this event is a perfect occasion to mix and mingle with local and international stars alike. Aside from the mainstage showings, the ‘Panaroma’ and regional shows host some of the worlds best documentaries and it’s definitely the best venue to get a taste of southeast Europe’s best film makers.

The festival simultaneously shows a selection of the most interesting and successful achievements of the independent motion picture production all over the world and the commercial European and American cinematography. Sarajevo National Theatre is one of the main venues of SFF.



File:Sarajevo National Theatre.jpg

Sarajevo National Theatre


 National Theatre  (originally “Social Home”), in Sarajevo was built in 1897 by the project of Karl Paržik,

and the opening ceremony was held on 2nd of January of 1899, with a play “Medea” by Franz Grillparzer

(1791 – 1872), an Austrian dramatist who formally used to link the inheritance of the Austrian Baroque

and ideological elements of the German classics.

During the Austro-Hungarian rule in B&H, it will primarily be used for “Vereinshaus” or “Herrenclub” or

“Clubhaus” with the hall in which plays, so called “Saaltheater”, can be played.

In 1922 the house was converted into a National Theatre.




“For all the people who don’t have a voice , a blog, a twitter account or access to bring media attention; I just want to say thank you Brad and Angelina, you have brought a human face of compassion to the people of Bosnia and have shown once again what makes Bosnia and her people so special. You both are great ambassadors for not only Hollywood and America but all of humanity. Maybe there is hope for us after all.”I have read somewhere this wonderful quote:

“The world would be a better place if people just knew a little more, cared a little more and loved a little more.”