Sarajevo Old Photos













Sarajevo had it as a first city in the whole Europe. 

Opened on New Years Day in 1885, Sarajevo tramway was the testing line for the tram in Vienna and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and operated by horses. Originally built to 760mm narrow gauge (Bosnian gauge), the present system in 1960 was upgraded to standard gauge (1435 mm). The trams played a pivotal role in the growth of the city in the 20th century.



Sarajevo City Hall



Sarajevo 1906.



Franz Ferdinand and Sofia at Vrelo Bosne.










Sarajevo – April 1941

Sarajevo 1941-1942


These are the photos that I’ve had in my computer file and none of them is mine.

History of this wonderful city is amazing and belongs to all of us.

I’ve really wanted to share these with you all.



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